Дружба Москвы и Багдада. Россия в Ираке

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Альманах "Искусство Войны" уже давно освещает участие России в войне в Ираке против Халифата. Мы еще летом говорили о поставках вертолетов, Су-25, Су-24, о том, что на старые машины спешно ставят новые двигатели, о том, что в Ираке оставалось всего четыре пилота, которые могли бы пилотировать российские Су-25, и большой вопрос, кто именно сегодня в Ираке выполняет удары с воздуха (иракские, иранские, российские или белорусские пилоты). Мы показывали обслуживание техники нашими специалистами в Ираке (ВВС Ирака. Су и Ми), показывали работу системы ТОС-1А "Солнцепек" под Самаррой, еще осенью рассказывали о российских военных советниках в Багдаде и т.д и т.п. На днях, спустя год, Рогозин и российские СМИ все же решились в итоге частично озвучить факт "дружбы" с Ираком. 

Flintlock-2015, Chad

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What Is It Like to Get Hit by an IED?

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Well into my tour while rolling down the road in a Humvee (HMMWV), eating a mostly melted Kit-Kat and minding my own business...I saw a flash to the front and left of me on the other side of a passing fuel tanker in a convoy going the other direction. The tanker was entirely ripped open and a good deal of the fuel caught fire in the air and blossomed orange. My initial thought (in deployment language) was, "Jesus, that's fucking beautiful! And I'm fucking alive! This wind feels amazing! This is the most delicious Kit-Kat I've ever fucking eaten!!" Odd thoughts, I know. My TC (truck commander) who was also my LT (lieutenant) was feverishly reaching back, trying to pull me down into the truck. A few seconds later my truck was hit with a torrential downfall of extraordinarily hot diesel fuel, and I was entirely soaked. Diesel in my eyes, mouth, ears, and nose. I rode like that for hours with burning eyes and skin and a splitting headache. I never did think about the guy in the other convoy that got hit, I just knew it wasn't us and that's what I cared about. My LT said that was the first time anything there felt real. Total time, maybe 15 seconds.

General Jim Mattis: Using Military Force Against ISIS

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Confronting the malignant and growing threat created by the so-called Islamic State requires us to address the unique aspects of this enemy, keeping hold of our guiding political principles while constructing a framework that will bring success in forming the international coalition needed to defeat this threat. A strong “Authorization to Use Military Force” (AUMF), supported by a majority of both parties in both houses of Congress, will send an essential message of American steadfastness to our people and to the global audience. Its passage will demonstrate our country’s fundamental unity and enable a broader commitment to deal firmly with a real and growing menace. Following more than a decade of fighting for poorly articulated political goals, the Congress needs to restore clarity to our policy if we are to gain the American people’s confidence and enlist the assistance of potential allies, while sending a chilling note that we mean business to our enemies. With enemy influence expanding rapidly, patience or half-measures cannot replace a coherent strategy for taking measured steps, aligned with allies, to counter the mutating Islamist threat in the Middle East. The AUMF that Congress passes should be constructed as one building block in a coherent, integrated strategy for dealing with a region erupting in crises. Thus the AUMF needs to serve an enabling role for defeating this enemy, and not a restrictive function.

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