Life in the Afghan Army, post-NATO

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We timed the filming of Tell Spring Not to Come This Year so that we would finish at about the same time that the NATO mission ended. The idea was to show what it will be like for the next several decades with the Afghan National Army fighting their own war, now that the NATO combat mission is over. The unit we filmed with hadn’t been fighting with NATO support for at least a year, so by following their experiences, we have a very good idea of what things will look like without NATO. The hope was to coincide with Western news saying, “The war is over, our men are back.” That happened in January 2015. Our film came out in February. Right now, as far as most foreign journalists are concerned, the war is over. Because most foreign troops are gone, the news is over. We wanted to say, “The war is not over.” That’s the message we got from the soldiers. The war is over for most foreign troops — but a completely different and probably much harder and longer war has just started.

Дорога на Мосул. 3 серии

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Plagued with survivor's guilt, an Iraq war veteran turned mercenary stumbles upon a plot to sabotage America's energy independence. Fighting to free the demons in his head, he sets out to eradicate the traitors amongst us. A film created by military veterans, dedicated to the heroes of Benghazi.

Курды и Джордан Мэтсон против Халифата

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Западные интербригады  ( в боях против Халифата несут потери. Уже погибли бывший британский морской пехотинец Констадинос Эрик Скарфилд, австралиец Эшли Джонсон, южноафриканка из Германии Ивана Хофман. В фильме выше фигурирует Джордан Мэтсон, один из первопроходцев западного добровольческого движения в Ираке и Сирии.

Aleppo: Notes from the Dark

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