The Girls of the Taliban

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Islamist Militants on Israel's Doorstep: The War Next Door

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In August, al Nusra Front jihadists took control of Syria’s side of the border crossing with Israel and kidnapped over 40 United Nations peacekeepers — who have since been released. But al Nusra Front, an al Qaeda-affiliate, isn’t Israel’s only threat from Syria. President Bashar al-Assad’s military, in a possible effort to bait Israel into its civil war to shore up Arab sympathies, has been lobbing mortars across the border. Just a few weeks ago, the Israeli military shot down a Syrian plane flying over the Golan Heights — the first time it has done so since the 1980s. VICE News travels to Israel’s “quiet border” in the Golan Heights, where members of al Nusra Front are now a visible threat.

The Special Ops Olympics: War Games

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The emergence of drug cartels working together with paramilitary groups has been a rising threat for countries in the Western hemisphere. One of the most effective responses has been Fuerzas Comando, an inter-military and special ops exercise attended by forces from across North, Central, and South America. The goals of the event are to promote inter-military relationships, increase interoperability, and improve regional security. This year, military forces from 17 countries, ranging from Belize to the United States, came together for the exercises at one of Colombia's biggest military bases, Fort Tolemaida. While each country has their own set of security threats, they all share the need to boost and innovate their military capabilities.

Hooligans Against Salafists

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Demonstrations held by the far-right group Hooligans against Salafists — also known as HoGeSa — have recently gained momentum in Germany, as they organize marches in cities across the country. While the group claims to be protesting against Islamist extremism, the movement is widely accused of harnessing Islamophobia as a means of spreading racism.VICE News followed the Hooligans against Salafists movement from its first full-blown demonstration-turned-riot in Cologne, which was attended by 4,800 people. We also met with Islamic campaigner Sven Lau, who recently rose to infamy by starting a “Sharia Police,” and has consequently been used as a prominent example of the “Islamic invasion” of Germany by the HoGeSa movement.

Как писался сценарий к антисоветскому классическому мега-трэшу "Зверь"

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In 1981, an American writer sneaked into Afghanistan following a dream. He survived—barely—and wrote a play that eventually became a movie. The Beast, which debuted in 1988, is about a Soviet tank crew that finds itself all alone in hostile Afghanistan. It’s a masterpiece—one inspired by a terrible, terrible war. The Soviet Union invaded landlocked Afghanistan in 1979. The campaign would last eight years and kill nearly 15,000 Russians … and more than 80,000 Afghans. At the time of the invasion, New Jersey native William Mastrosimone was 34 years old and a playwright. He had graduated from Rutgers University a few years before. He didn’t know much about Afghanistan. In 1980, a New York City theater staged his first play. The Woolgatherer is a dark comedy about two desperate people searching for love in South Philadelphia. Critics and audiences loved it. “It was the first time I made a living as a writer,” Mastrosimone tells War Is Boring. One day during rehearsal, Mastrosimone grew restless. “I got to walking around and reading The New York Times,” he says. He noticed a picture of an Afghan tribal leader and read the accompanying interview. The playwright saw something in the mujaheddin leader. “It just reminded me so much, of the men who followed [George] Washington,” he explains. “I was really keyed into the psyche of that leader.” His interest became an obsession. “It wasn’t too long after that that I became less interested in [The Woolgatherer] and rehearsal than I became in Afghanistan.”

Syria: The Last Assignment

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