Всё ближе к Багдаду

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An Intelligence Vet Explains ISIS, Yemen, and "the Dick Cheney of Iraq"

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Malcolm Nance, a 34-year veteran intelligence officer who has worked the Iraq mission since 1987, fighting in all of our Middle East wars since 1983. He has lived in and out of Iraq since 2003. The death of former Saddam General Izzat Ibrahim al-Douri last week provides an opportunity to ask Nance about who the insurgent commander was, how he evaded capture or death for so many years, and what the hell is really going on in Iraq. In addition to his time on the ground, Nance has written defense intelligence textbooks on the subject—books that are occasionally dense but “are exhaustively detailed for a reason,” he says. “I am not here to entertain, but to share hard intelligence, won by the blood of dead soldiers, sailors, airmen, marines and intelligence officers and explain the deep history of these groups which leads you to ISIS.” He is not shy about the why of knowing: So that “we kill the right people with what we learned.” Nance runs his own analytical organization, TAPSTRI, the Terror Asymmetrics Project and is author of, most recently, The Terrorists of Iraq: Inside the Strategy and Tactics of the Iraq Insurgency, 2003-2014.

'Iraq Is Finished'

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One afternoon this March, during a visit to Jordan, I sat on the banks of the Dead Sea with my Iraqi friend, Azzam Alwash. As we stared across the salt lake and watched the sun disappear behind the rocky crags of Israel, I recounted a trip I had taken to Jordan 20 years earlier to conduct field research on Palestinian refugees, as part of a Middle East peace effort designed to ensure that within a decade nobody in the region considered himself a refugee. No one had an inkling back then that the numbers of refugees in the region would increase exponentially, with millions of Iraqis and Syrians displaced from their homes by international intervention and civil war. Nor had I imagined at the time that I would find myself in Iraq after the invasion of 2003, initially as a British representative of the Coalition Provisional Authority—the international transitional government that ran the country for about a year after the fall of Saddam Hussein—and then as the political advisor to U.S. Army General Raymond Odierno when he commanded U.S. forces in the country. A number of the Iraqis I had gotten to know over the last decade had relocated to Jordan. I had gone there to see them and better understand events in the region—and the conditions that had led to the rise of the Islamic State.

Бои за Тикрит

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Езиды в Ираке: жизнь между кризисом и катастрофой

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Езиды населяют северные и северо-западные области Ирака. Если выражаться более точно, местами их основного проживания являются горные районы округа Синджара в 120 километрах западнее Мосула, город Шейхан на северо-востоке Синджара, некоторые области района Таклиф, а также деревни Заху и Самиль в провинции Дахук. У историков пока нет единого мнения по поводу происхождения названия этой этноконфессиональной группы, однако в Ираке их преимущественно называют именно езидами. Кроме этого, используются также наименования «езданиды», «ездахиды» и «йезиды», однако большинство исследователей используют все-таки первый термин. 
Название этой группы связано с их религиозными представлениями. Слово «изад», от которого оно образовано, на персидском языке является корнем лексемы «изади» («божественный»), поэтому они выбрали для себя такое название, чтобы подчеркнуть свою приверженность Господу. Из-за отсутствия точной статистики о количестве населения Ирака и членов разных племен, для определения их количества используются данные самих езидов, согласно которым их численность составляет 560 тысяч человек. У езидов есть лидер, который занимается решением духовных и светских дел. Он носит титул «мира», то есть «эмира», а его резиденция находится в городе Шейхан. В настоящее время эту должность занимает мир Тахсин Саид (Tahsin Said), который также руководит Высшим духовным меджлисом езидов всего мира.

Дружба Москвы и Багдада. Россия в Ираке

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Альманах "Искусство Войны" уже давно освещает участие России в войне в Ираке против Халифата. Мы еще летом говорили о поставках вертолетов, Су-25, Су-24, о том, что на старые машины спешно ставят новые двигатели, о том, что в Ираке оставалось всего четыре пилота, которые могли бы пилотировать российские Су-25, и большой вопрос, кто именно сегодня в Ираке выполняет удары с воздуха (иракские, иранские, российские или белорусские пилоты). Мы показывали обслуживание техники нашими специалистами в Ираке (ВВС Ирака. Су и Ми), показывали работу системы ТОС-1А "Солнцепек" под Самаррой, еще осенью рассказывали о российских военных советниках в Багдаде и т.д и т.п. На днях, спустя год, Рогозин и российские СМИ все же решились в итоге частично озвучить факт "дружбы" с Ираком. 


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As the Iraqi government’s campaign to liberate Tikrit wraps up, there will undoubtedly be questions about the next target of the campaign to defeat the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL). Prior to the surprise battle for Tikrit, many observers focused on Mosul until a disastrous CENTCOM press conference sparked a backlash against the idea. Straddling the famous Tigris River, Mosul is Iraq’s second largest city and has, for millennia, linked the Levant and Persia. Its importance has not diminished over time – making its seizure by ISIL last summer especially painful. Already the economic engine of ISIL’s return from the almost dead, the city became its psychological capital when Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi proclaimed the establishment of the caliphate from its most famous mosque. Correctly assessing this importance, and fed by its doctrinal attraction to the concept of a center of gravity, the American military has been drawn to the idea of a decisive battle for Mosul. The recapture of Mosul would be devastating to ISIL and its recruitment of foreign fighters. But identifying Mosul as the natural Schwerpunkt of a combined attack is one thing – taking and holding Mosul for the long-term is a much more difficult proposition. ISIL’s political and economic entrenchment in Ninewa province, the lack of motivated allies in the area, and a long logistical line of communication from Baghdad could make Mosul a bridge too far.

What Is It Like to Get Hit by an IED?

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Well into my tour while rolling down the road in a Humvee (HMMWV), eating a mostly melted Kit-Kat and minding my own business...I saw a flash to the front and left of me on the other side of a passing fuel tanker in a convoy going the other direction. The tanker was entirely ripped open and a good deal of the fuel caught fire in the air and blossomed orange. My initial thought (in deployment language) was, "Jesus, that's fucking beautiful! And I'm fucking alive! This wind feels amazing! This is the most delicious Kit-Kat I've ever fucking eaten!!" Odd thoughts, I know. My TC (truck commander) who was also my LT (lieutenant) was feverishly reaching back, trying to pull me down into the truck. A few seconds later my truck was hit with a torrential downfall of extraordinarily hot diesel fuel, and I was entirely soaked. Diesel in my eyes, mouth, ears, and nose. I rode like that for hours with burning eyes and skin and a splitting headache. I never did think about the guy in the other convoy that got hit, I just knew it wasn't us and that's what I cared about. My LT said that was the first time anything there felt real. Total time, maybe 15 seconds.

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